Double ON/OFF Relay Switch 2x1,5kW Fibaro


on/off zwave relay switch...


Flood Sensor Everspring


This sensor monitors leakage and sends an alarm when flooding or leakage is detected. The sensing device can be away up to 3 m from the main device. The unit can be mounted on every flat surface. The installation can be done with screws or double-sided tape. The ST812 is a battery-powered device,...


Fibaro Home Center 2


Fibars Home Center 2 is a consumer electronics device used for home automation. Home Center 2 gateway communicates with electronic sensors and devices located throughout home using wireless and wired communications and connects to central portal server using existing broadband connection (Cable ...


SQ Blaster Plus


SQ blaster plus lets you control virtually any infrared device from your smart phone, tablet or computer   SQ Remote & SQ Remote HD, available on teh App Store, comunicate wirelessy with the Blaster, a compact, networked infrared transmitter.   Setup is a snap from within t...


Wall Thermostat with LCD display plus actuator

The SRT322 is a system to control warm water heating in general and floor heating installations in particular.  It consists of a battery operated wall thermostat installed in the room to be controlled and a relay switch to operate the water boiler. The thermostat can be manually operated by the...


Plunger valve for radiator RA-FN 15 1/2 " Male


Plunger valve for radiator RA-FN 15 1/2 " ...


Z-Wave Presence Detector Everspring


This presense detector using PIR (passive infrared receiver) detects the presence of a person in a room. The units send information to a controller or any other associated Z-Wave device. Up to 4 devices can be controlled from this device. The sensor is a battery-powered device, which is in sleepi...


Temperature and Humidity Sensor Everspring


The ST814 is a combined Temperature/Humidity Sensor which is designed for both desktop use or wall mountable. The device has a local LCD display whic heither shows the temperature or the humidity. 4 button allow to switch between minimim, maximum or actual values, humidity versus temperature and Fah...


USB Dongle with Battery


The Aeon Labs USB Adapter connects a PC to a Z-Wave network using the USB interface. The unit conveys the USB signals to a serial interface and does therefore need a device driver for this conversion function.  The operating system and the Z-Wave capable home automation software recognize the d...


Z-Wave to IR Extender


The Z-Extender is a Z-wave compliant Z-wave to IR extender. It works with any Z-wave controller or gateway, translating Z-wave's Simple AV commands to IR control codes. It has an integrated IR control code library to simplify setup and configuration procedures. It also supports Remotec's Universal I...


Universal Binary Sensor by Fibaro


The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module that makes it possible to improve the functionality of any sensor with a binary output by allowing it to communicate with the wireless Z-Wave networkand the FIBARO system. Technical Data: Supply voltage: 9-30V DC ±10% Input: 2 potential-fre...


Door and Window sensor with dry contact and analog sensor Fibaro


The Fibaro Door / Window Sensor is a battery powered, Z-Wave compatible reed sensor. It combines the functionality of 3 devices (reed, binary and temperature sensor) in one easy to use product. The sensor can be used for monitoring whether a door, window, window blind or a garage gate is opened or c...


Wall Plug Switch with metering Fibaro


Wall Plug Switch with metering Fibaro...


Personal weather station for iPhone/ iPad / Android


  NETATMO - Personal Weather Station for iPhone / iPad / Android   The weather station and its App Netatmo to measure weather conditions and air quality living environment. Valuable information to improve their welfare in the home or office and adapt their outdoor activities. A sm...


Wifi adapter for Roomba robot


RooWifi is a development board to communicate with Roomba robots using Wi-Fi connectivity. RooWifi is the device / non-official plugin that lets you control your iRobot Roomba remotely and wireless from your application. The Wi-Fi Remote for Roomba is the device you need to integrate to your h...


LEDs Control Fibaro RGBW


LEDs Control RGBW Fibaro FGRGB-101 The RGB / RGBW Z-Wave controller can control compliant headbands LEDs, LEDs RGB / RGBW and supplied with 12V or 24V light sources. In addition to the traditional RGB channels, it also supports extra channel white light, which allows you to add pastel shades...


Radiator Thermostat Danfoss LC13


Living connect® is an Z-Wave controlled electronic radiator thermostat. It is controlled by either a Z-Wave compatible Controller or a central device called Danfoss LinkTM CC. The Danfoss LinkTM CC can also control hydronic and electrical floor heating and on/off switches in a building. living conne...


Blind/Roller Shutter insert module Fibaro v2


The Fibar Insert Motor Control FGRM-222 allows controlling motors for jalousies, blinds, garage doors or other single-phase AC devices both wirelessly via Z-Wave and locally utilizing a traditional wall switch. This insert enables a precise positioning of motors with mechanical and electrical limi...


3 in 1 Multisensor TRIO ZIPATO (Door/window, Temperature, Lightness)

The PSM01 detector offers 3 different functions: opening detection , temperature sensor and light sensor . It consists of two parts: a sensor and a magnet . They are designed to be placed on a door or window with the magnet attached to the opening portion and the sensor on the fixed part . The open...


RGBW Light Bulb Z-Wave from Zipato

Using LED RGBW Zipato bulb, you can control the color and intensity of the illumination of the house using just your smartphone. Compared with similar products available on the market, LED RGBW of Zipato bulb has a separate hot and cold white LED . In this way , users can use the RGBW LED bulb Zipat...


Blind/Roller Shutter insert module - ZIPATO


Micromodule for roller shutter PAN08 will allow you to control a motorized equipment such as store , garage door , gate or shutter using the Z-Wave protocol while maintaining your existing switch . You will therefore be able to operate the motor connected using the existing switch , a transmitter Z ...


Wall Plug switch Schuko - Popp Z-Wave Plus

This is a switch plug that can be placed between a standard Schuko (Type F) wall outlet and electric devices, plugged in by cord. It can switch all electrical loads up to 3500 W. The device is IP 20 rated and can therefore only be used on dry environments. Switching is controlled wirelessly using Z-...


USB Dongle Sigma Designs Z-Wave Plus


The UZB Sigma Designs is a Z- Wave USB controller based on the new SoC SD3503 chipset. It therefore benefits from improvements related to the Z- Wave Plus. This controller connects to a USB port on your computer and allows to communicate with your Z- Wave network. So you can control your modules ...


Light sensor with LCD display Everspring


The ST815 is a light sensor that is designed to be installed on a table or wall. It has an LCD display for brightness. 4 buttons to switch between minimum, maximum or instantaneous. The light sensor is designed to monitor the ambient light level environment. Measuring the brightness is sent by re...


WIFI thermostat Greenmomit


Imagine a device that if you are not in your home or if you are absent, which learns your daily routine, your habits and tastes, while being respectful to the environment. The smart thermostat ST momit to manage the comfort of your home, no matter where you are, from a smartphone, tablet or compu...


WIFI thermostat Netatmo


The thermostat Netatmo has been designed by Starck. It is the perfect balance between functionality and design. At any time, anywhere from the palm of your hand, y you can  control your heating from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Netatmo thermostat fits perfectly to the lifestyle of eac...


Rain gauge for weather station Netatmo

Add this  rain gauge to your Netatmo weather station to benefit the detailed measures of rainfall. Through the Rain Gauge Netatmo you easily visualize the level of rainfall and you are alerted when it rains. You can use data from the rain gauge to determine the best time to water your g...


Temperature Sensor for Qubino Modules

This temperature sensor is equipped with the connector adapted to be connected to a flush Qubino module. The cable 1m enables it to be sufficiently far to the module does not distort the measurement of the temperature. The probe can be placed in a wall box (ref: ZMNHGA1) or in a recessed box w...


Water flood sensor Vision Security

This sensor monitors leakage and sends an alarm when flooding or leakage is detected. The sensing device can be away up to 2 m from the main device. The unit can be mounted on every flat surface. The installation can be done with screws or double-sided tape. The device is a battery-powered device, w...


Strobe Sound Alarm for Wall Plug Aeon Labs (GEN5)

The siren Aeotec takes the best technology for the home and uses it to help you build a safe house. It comes with all the features you expect and all the features it should have. Incorporating a 105dB siren, 3 LED lights and powerful battery backup that will keep the siren supplied in case of pow...


Strong load switch (40A) with metering Aeon Labs(GEN5)

Heavy Duty of Aeotec Smart Switch is a switch that allows you to control a device or group of devices whose power is 9600W maximum module. You can control it remotely or automatically according to a predefined via a Z-Wave home automation box calendar. With features energy monitoring and planning...


Remote control 7 buttons BENEXT

The remote buttons BeNext 7 allows you to run scenes or control the products individually. The seven buttons can be used in different combinations which offers many possibilities. The user can associate each button a specific function. This remote uses two AAA batteries and has a battery life of ...


Wall Thermostat programable with display SECURE

The SCS317 is a programmable thermostat that combines time control and temperature in a brand new design. Secure paid particular attention to the style and the user that provides an easy to use interface for programming menu, from a 70mm blue backlit display. It uses a proportional-integral algor...


Motor for skylights-Fakro

The actuator chain ZWS230, thanks to its small size and easy installation, is a product that is perfectly suited to the Z-Wave electrically. The actuators are used for many types of windows: rotation, projection, rotation, lateral opening and to non-standard dimensions. The actuator ZWS230, equip...


Universal Roller Shutter-Widom

Radio controlled, designed to work with electric motors for roller shutters, sotres, awnings etc ... Module can operate the shutter controlled either through the radio or through wall switches connected directly to the module. During the use of a continuous and automatic limit control helps maint...


Wall Plug Switch with metering Z-Wave Plus (GEN 5) - Aeon Labs

The module socket Smart Switch Gen5 of Aeotec is a switch that allows you to control lighting or other equipment via controls Z-Wave. It is designed to work with any type of load maximum power 3500W. It can be controlled by a remote control, PC software, or any Z-Wave controller in your network. ...


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