RaspberryPi 3 Model B & 16GB NOOBS


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Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi 2 is a mini computer created by Raspberry Pi Foundation which aimsmake programming accessible computing and electronics to more peoplepossible. With a powerful base plate at low cost.

Based on a miniature ARM processor, and the size of a credit card, the Raspberry Pi 3 is connected to a monitor or TV via an HDMI connection and a keyboard. The operating system is loaded directly to a micro SD card, which facilitates backups, easy loading or have multiple versions ready for use at all times to convenience.

The system can be used with different variants of the free operating system Linux. You can find the list of Linux distributions recommended on the website of the Raspberry Pi Foundation: https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/

The Raspberry Pi Model 3 can be used for many applications, either for use as office equipment (spreadsheets, word processing, ...), but also as Media Center (Raspbmc, OpenELEC) Multiroom Audio player Squeezebox (SqueezePlug) and IP PBX with Asterisk PBX (Asterisk for Raspberry). Of course you can also use ashome automation server(Razberrand, Openremote, Domoticz, OpenHAB etc.)


The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation of Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Model B 2 is replaced in February 2016. Compared with Raspberry Pi 2 has:

  • A 64bit 1.2GHz quadcore CPU ARMv8

  • Wireless LAN 802.11n

  • Bluetooth 4.1

  • BluetoothLow Energy (BLE)

Like Pi 2 also has

  • 1 GB of RAM

  • USB 4port

  • 40 GPIO pin

  • HDMIfull port

  • portEthernet

  • jack 3.5 mm combined audio and video composite

  • camera interface (CSI)

  • display interface (DSI)

  • Micro SD card slot (now push-pull instead of push-push )

  • VideoCore IV 3D coregraphics

  • slotfor Micro SD card to load the operating system and store their data

  • power supply via connector Micro USB

the Raspberry Pi 3 "naked" (motherboard, without housing, power supply, keyboard, supplied mouse or screen).


  • low cost computer

  • Idealto enter the world of programming and electronic

  • Create your home automation control center

  • Multiple applications and projects toundertaken


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