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Product information "Hank RGBW LED Bulb"

Bring color into your life and create a personal comfortable atmosphere with dimmable white and color shades. The Hank RGB LED bulb fits into every E27 bulb holder and can be connects to a smart home center through Z-Wave wireless technology right after screwing in. The required radio chip is already integrated into the bulb’s housing. Via remote control, smartphone or tablet you can vary brightness and light color as well.  Daylight, candle light or party atmosphere: As of now you can define light atmosphere according to your wishes or use scenes (e.g. in case of an alarm) activating appropriate light color.

As a special function, the Hank bulb light color can be completely adjusted without using a smartphone app. Just control it over the existing wall switch. Through the combination of ON/OFF at the wall switch, the bulb will go into a fade mode and fades through all main colors. Once you have found the color you like, you select it by switching ON/OFF the bulb again. Then the fade mode will stop and the bulb will stay in the current color mode.

Due to LED technology, power consumption is very low compared to conventional bulbs. The Hank bulb is as bright as a conventional 60W bulb, but needs only 7W.


  • Lamp for E27 socket
  • Integrated radio chip
  • Colors: 3-channel RGB, 16 million colors, warm and cold white
  • Power Consumption: max. 7 W
  • Light Intensity: 600 lm
  • Energy Efficient Class: A+
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus


Control principale compatibilità
eeDomus+ not tested
Fibaro Home Center 2 v4.160 not tested
Fibaro Home Center Lite v.4.160 not tested
Vera Edge / Plus / Secure not tested
Zipabox/Zipaminicro/ZipaTile fully compatible
Piper / Piper NV (v.1.7.1) not tested
Indigo not tested
jeedom not tested
Z-Wave.me / Z-Way / PoPP Hub fully compatible
ZiHome not tested
Tech Data
IP Rating not tested
Power Supply 230v

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