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Add this  rain gauge to your Netatmo weather station to benefit the detailed measures of rainfall.

Through the Rain Gauge Netatmo you easily visualize the level of rainfall and you are alerted when it rains. You can use data from the rain gauge to determine the best time to water your garden. The Rain GAuge was entirely designed to ensure a reliable measure of your rainfall. Its finish guarantees a good rain and UV resistance.

Precipitation measurement is carried out by the principle of buckets switch (see diagram below). Rainfall is measured in slippery and cumulative time. Rain is drained automatically, so the gauge demands minimal maintenance (changing batteries about 1 time per year).


  1. Buckets fill with water.
  2. Once full, they tilt with the central axis.
  3. The water flows through the grids on each side of the base.

If you want to fix the Rain GAnuge, it has two holes to have it pass screws to attach it to any hardware (not included). It is also equipped with a standard screw quarter inch, which will attach to a tripod (not supplied). Like other measures fro Netatmo wather station, your measure of rainfall is easily available on the iPhone, Android, and any browser using the WebApp.

The Weather Station Netatmo is necessary to accommodate this module. Each Netatmo Weather Station can handle just one  rain gauge.


  •  Rain Gaugne
  • 2 AAA batteries


  • Weather Station Netatmo rain gauge to measure rainfall  in mm / h
  • Measurement at the sliding hour and cumulative
  • Automatic evacuation of rain
  • Wireless connection with the station


  • Materials and design: UV resistant plastic
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (up to 1 year of battery life)
  • Sensors and Measurement: Measurement range: 0.2 mm / h to 150 mm / h Accuracy: 1 mm / h
  • Units: Metric system: mm imperial units: inches
  • Features Wireless: Wireless connection between the modules 868 MHz long range 100m.
  • Dimensions: 13x13x11 cm

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