Smart Home Automation Controller Jeedom Enocean interface


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Jeedom, evolutionary and innovative home automation solution!

JEEDOM SMART is the home automation box Jeedom par excellence. It is aimed at all age groups eager to have a home automation box performance, reliable and at an affordable price. It will fit anywhere thanks to its small size and its sleek brushed metal design. With a Enocean Antenna + high gain, a 4-core processor at 1.5 Ghz and a hard drive eMMC, the JEEDOM SMART is a powerful and reliable box.

The home automation box JEEDOM SMART is included with Service Pack Power Jeedom of software that includes services not available in the free version. More details on the service packs JEEDOM here.

In terms of home automation protocols natively box JEEDOM SMART is only compatible Enocean (with preinstalled and configured plugin). Through the interface RFXCOM you can also control devices or receive compatible information from sensors operating on the 433MHz frequency (Chacon, DI-O, Oregon Scientific, ...). If you want to make it compatible with other protocols, it will download the appropriate plug-ins and buy the necessary equipment.

JEEDOM to be universal and scalable. In this context JEEDOM plugin works on the principle. Each home automation protocol, each connectivity with other projects can be integrated via JEEDOM adding plugin. JEEDOM is a HUB which allows to centralize all your connected devices.

JEEDOM has a web interface for configuring your home automation, and a mobile app (iOS and Android) for use from smartphone and touch pad. JEEDOM is also fully customizable according to your needs using widgets, virtual devices, scenarios, or plugins ... A distance, locally, by voice, text message, or touch, you can control your home at all times and be alerted of an event.

Jeedom App Mobile

By default, SMART JEEDOM getting started is very simple and Plug & Play. It is not necessary to connect keyboard, mouse and screen. Everything is done directly in the browser.

Jeedom is compatible with many devices! You can find an exhaustive list of supported hardware.

All documentation of JEEDOM software is on the publisher's website


- Box JEEDOM SMART Enocean

- Antenna on SMA connector

- Interface RFXCOM rfxtx433E 14103

- Ethernet cable 1m Cat 6

- Power supply US 220v 2A

- Service Pack Power JEEDOM


  • Box Automation EnOcean

  • Accessible via smartphone or tablet

  • Applications iOS and Android available

  • connection Ethernet port with any BOX ADSL

  • Requires a PC only forconfiguration

  • remote Configurable

  • APIopen to developers

  • Market with numerous plugins

  • plugins RFXCOM and Alarm available (Coupon Codes supplied with the pack)

  • compatible Enocean + and RF 433Mhz (Chacon, DI-O, Oregon Scientific, ...)

  • Service Pack Power JEEDOM

  • No cloud or subscription

  • Plug & Play installation




  • Power supply: 5V - 2A

  • CPU: ARM Quad Core 1.5GHz 64-bit

  • Internal Memory: 2 GB of RAM


  • Connectivity:

    • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T

    • HDMI

    • jacks 4 female USB 2.0

    • Food Micro-USB socket or jack

    • socket for GPIO and serial bus

    • connector SMA antenna

  • Interface Radio: Enocean Controller + by Jeedom with high gain antenna

  • Material: brushed metal case


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